My name is Igor Popović, I’m 38 years old, and I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I finished five year long undergrad studies in psychology and postgrad studies in applied clinical psychology, at the Department of Psychology, FMK, in Belgrade. I finished four year long specialist training in gestalt psychotherapy in Belgrade, and four year long specialist training in integrative psychotherapy in Novi Sad. I hold European certificate of gestalt psychotherapy, European certificate of integrative psychotherapy, Serbian certificate of psychotherapy, Serbian certificate of psychological counseling and European certificate of psychological counseling. I’m currently attending three year long specialist training in somatic experiencing trauma therapy. I’ve also attended one year long course in group analysis, one year long course in reichian body psychotherapy, two year long course in clearing psychotherapy, one year long course in integral somatic psychotherapy, one year long course in somatic blueprint prenatal trauma therapy and one year long course in kleinian psychoanalysis, as well as many workshops in other modalities of psychotherapy such as jungian analysis, lacanian analysis, somatic trauma therapy, sensorimotor psychotherapy, internal family systems therapy, hakomi therapy, compassionate inquiry therapy, flow therapy, bodynamic analysis, system centered therapy, psychotherapeutic postural integration, rebirthing therapy, family constellations, family psychotherapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR therapy, transactional analysis, psychodrama, art psychotherapy, existential psychotherapy, integral transpersonal psychotherapy, ecopsychotherapy, astrological psychotherapy, tarot psychotherapy and psychedelic psychotherapy. Experience in counseling work I have since 2010, while the services of psychotherapy I provide in private practice since 2012. Over the years I have worked with clients from a variety of neurotic, borderline and psychotic disorders, but also with clients who were interested in “growth and development”. I’ve attended workshops in psychopharmacology for psychotherapists and I have practical experience of working in psychiatric clinics. Also I’m collaborating with several psychiatrists in case pharmacotherapeutic support needs to be included.

In addition to native Serbian, I speak perfect English. I was in over 70 countries around the world, and I have experience in work with different cultures. I also lived in North America and I’m familiar with North American mentality. I would describe mylsef as open minded, but pragmatic and rational, imaginative, but empathic person. I’m ENTJ personality type according to Jung’s Myers-Briggs typology. In addition to psychology, my interests include astrology, global events, music, film, wellness, being in nature, travel and a healthy diet.

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